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Manual therapy in children
 Craniosacral therapy for Children and Babies
8:00 - 18:00
Ul. Wojska Polskiego 5A/4 Area of the former military unit

Manual therapy is a compact system involved in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, taking it as a sphere integrating human personality.

As a result of these disorders, there is a functional change in periarticular tissues, which take pathological biological activity. It consciously and actively follows the dynamic variability of the body. It adjusts its diagnostic procedures and treatment to this variability. Stimuli involve biomechanical and reflex procedures and the word. Their task is to positively stimulate human personality and support the recovery process.

Holistic manual therapy HMT (by Rakowski) is a modern medical system of treatment of dysfunctions of the locomotor system, as a result of which the following various ailments occur, mostly in the form of pain. Manual therapy- because it concerns the musculoskeletal system. Holistic, because it perceives the man as a whole. In its conception it inseparably treats spirituality and physicality. Therefore, the therapy takes into account the impact of stress on the body and vice versa. It deals with the treatment of reversible functional disorders of posture and movement system, which derive from structural disorders and accompany them or are their consequence. In its scope it covers all diagnostic techniques and treatment, and determines the cause of the disorders.

The treatment uses safe and extremely effective manual techniques (formerly called " chiropractic adjustment")  and reflex release techniques. They involve mobilisation, manipulations to the joints of the spine and extremities as well as affecting soft tissues (muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons) and through them the nervous system. It is a combination of a passive movement of the therapist with active movement performed by the patient, they are  a combination of  sliding techniques with an extended pressure stage at the end of motion range while the patient makes movement towrads the painful sector. Education about the role of stress is carried out at the same time. This part is called an educational therapy.  Used together and individually with manual techniques, it gives excellent therapeutic effects. We treat a sick person, THE WHOLE PERSON, and not only a painful part of the body.

Needling therapy-is a method forming a part of manual therapy involving reducing painful where the pain comes from soft tissues such as: tendons, ligaments or periosteum. The procedure is performed with needles and with their use we puncture appropriate places on human body.

Furthermore HMT is applicable:

  • as an alternative to surgery
  • as a preparation for operation when it is necessary
  • in post-operative conditions
  • in rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses
  • as an adjunct treatment of organic diseases (cancer, heart diseases)
  • in the treatment of children posture: feet, knees, hips, scoliosis, etc. 

Manual therapy for pregnant women
Changes that occur in the female body during pregnancy and childbirth may adversely affect the functioning of the locomotor system and motor space in which  the fetus "moves". As a result the above-mentioned changes women suffer from back pain, hip and groin, pelvic floor muscle failure (among other things stress urinary incontinence) and abnormal breathing pattern. Under the influence of structural disorder and the action of hormones in a pregnant woman "old injuries" can also be renewed.

Also a forced position of the child in the womb may be a factor  causing torticollis,  motor limitations within feet, and through fascial restrictions and its connections also "spontaneous curvature of the spine" (idiopathic scoliosis) in the child.

Among a number of methods to improve disrupted anatomical relations, manual therapy should be mentioned, which while skillfully used can result in, for example,  relaxation of the overloaded muscles of the spine and pelvic girdle and strengthening of  the pelvic floor muscles of the woman whose capacity is essential for the quality of labour and the prevention of pain in the spine, hips and crotch. The manual therapist can also relax the tense ligament of the uterus and indirectly increase the motor space  for the child.

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