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Manual therapy in children
 Craniosacral therapy for Children and Babies
8:00 - 18:00
Ul. Wojska Polskiego 5A/4 Area of the former military unit

Symptoms of child's age (symptoms of disease)
Apart from bad posture, we encounter here a number of symptoms typical of a childhood period and also depending to some extent on the locomotor system. So one can mention here "headaches which are frequently and wrongly called" school headaches" the organ of motion to a certain degree.

  • stomachaches
  • constipations, less frequently diarrhoea
  • lack of energy, lethargy, heaviness
  • early childhood physical unfitness similar to a delayof motor development
  • frequent sore throats, tonsiltis,angina
  • blurred vision
  • difficulties with standing position (fainting, synocopes, pains, fatigue...)

Symptoms of child's age (faulty posture)
In childhood, interest in organs of motion is brought about primarily due to a variety of symptoms associated with so-called faulty posture. And this is understandable. We can include here:

  • rounded back- stooping
  • uneven, prortuding shoulder blades
  • raised arms
  • mantaining uneven head position
  • curvature of the spine
  • apparent discrepancy in the length of lower limbs
  • static pelvic imbalance
  • static muscular imbalance
  • valgity, varus deformity (of the hips, knees and feet)
  • flat feet
  • infant torticollis

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